Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Enter at your own risk....

Took a few snapshots of my workspace for just about everything. This is where I draw, paint, doodle, research, plan and type the next great American novel (wrote it in a month which was painful.) .

Inspiration = Books + Chocolate

This is what he does when he's not in shows. Sketchbook sometimes doubles as a tea tray. Tea sometimes doubles as paint. More recent additions not shown include Daleks, Ninjas, and the tidy gentlemanly mustache my Mac grew.

More new work

So, submitted my portfolio for SCAD. I got accepted! They're giving me $11,500 off the bat and now I'm battling with administration to get more funds so that I can attend. I need to get it around $20,000 ish or so. Here's some of the stuff I submitted for portfolio. Up next. Guided tour of my workspace. :)