Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More art things

POP fruits party

First time using colored pencils seriously. Warning, photo realism is not for those of short attention span and patience. I stared at fruit for 10+ hours doing this, and colored pencil does not forgive easily (grrrr). Anyway payoff came at GHP when the judges saw it and today, when I made an older lady freak out about the caliber of my work. Ahhh success. Anyways will probably try to enter this in the next drawing competition that comes my way.

Yes, this is the actual size. About an half an hour to an hour per square inch in some places.

self portrait

First time experience in oil pastel. Not a bad turnout. I used portfolio water-soluble oil pastels on black paper, with most of my blending done using water and paintbrushes. The style had to reflect Edward Munch (known for the scream) or Alice Neal. I guess i was channeling Munch because I realized after the fact that the pose I chose was rather "scream-like". Actually the main point I was trying to make was what my world looks like when I have a synesthetic overload. Synesthesia is a harmless neurological quirk I have, basically a few extra brain connections that mix my senses around. Per say, one stimulus received, my brain reacts with two. Thus my music, letters, numbers, scents and movements have color and sometimes texture. Anytime I experience too much, it feels like I'm drowning.

Anyways, here's a photo montage I took from my phone from start to finish. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GHP over and done with......for now

Finished the first part of interviews so i now have a month or so to put up art, take pictures, and do the commissions i have been procrastinating forever.

NEWS JUST IN! I won a silver key for scholastic. they never fail to astound me as far as judging goes. never. *sigh* anyways more pictures coming up on that

might make another blog, since this is my "formal" art blog. My mind goes in 50 different directions at once so i am usually interested in a whole slew of things that somehow gets put into my art. plus i could put stuff about my creative process and messy experiments (such as the hot glassblowing explosion incident)

more soon to come